Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Baking Wishlist...

I (Obviously) adore baking! And theres nothing I love more than some super cool, super cute equipment to work with. I am fortunate enough to have good appliances and great things to work with at home, aswell as generous parents who support my hobby. But theres always those few things I will forever lust over!

I have always dreamt of having one of these bad boys sitting on the counter top. They are huge and oh so cool! They will take up space on the counter, but its well deserved. Not only are they functional but they look so cool with all the different colours! I will buy myself one, one day. I will!!

Endless Supply of books:

Although I have a press that is over flowing with cookery and bakery books, the heart wants, what the heart wants! Right now, I am loving this book by the talented Irish chef Donal Skehan. His book is filled with spectacular recipes following from his television series. Definitely on my to-buy list!

Le Creuset:

Just look at that picture. Just look at it! I have dreamt of just walking into a kitchen filled with these little gems! So so cute! I would literally cook things in separate pots just to use them all! They are so cute and versatile.

That's my baking wish list (for now!!) What is on yours?


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