Sunday, 29 December 2013

Review: Graze Box

Today, I am coming to you with a slightly unusual post from my norm. A few weeks ago, I received a delicious Graze Nibble Box,  from the very generous company Graze. I have ordered from Graze in the past and was delighted to receive another box of goodies.

Graze is a subscription service that, once signed up, deliver a delicious box of nibbles to your door once a week. 

Graze are a company based in the UK. The snacks they provide all contain a health benefit and are all under 150 calories. The snacks are ideal for travel as they are contained in a sealed plastic box, and are perfect fro in between meals.

I was first struck by its wonderful, eye-catching appearance. It was beautifully decorated for the festive season, with pretty trees and reindeer's. Each box contain four goodies.

When ordering, you have the option of rating over 100 snacks, You can rate them 'Love' 'Like' 'Try' or 'Bin'. These options will filter your preferences and therefore you will receive the products which are interested in. This is a great feature Graze have, as it avoids waste and you are guaranteed to enjoy all your snacks!

For those of you who skip breakfast, you now have no excuses! They are perfect for travel and can be easily popped into a school bag for inbetween classes!

What I love about the box, is it is really personalised. A little leaflet comes with the box. Not only does it say 'Hi Siobhan' on the cover but inside it has the nutritive values of the specific food I received. It is really conversational writing and it is so nice to read! The box is full of lovely cute notes!

For those of you who wish to try Graze, they have given me a code for a free 1st, 5th and 10th box for all my readers! On the website, enter this promotional code, LTKFTL7DB. And then you are ready to roll!

Below are the snacks I received. These were truly delicious!

These pistachios were yummy and so unique! I wish I could buy these in the shops!

This banana bread was so moist. I'm not a fan of dates though!

The summer pudding was a nice addition. I am a cranberry-lover, so I was only delighted to continue my love affair!!

These were real cheesy! I brought these with me in my bag one day while I was out. They were a super yummy snack. I wish the packet was bigger!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Graze nibble box. Don't forget if you want to try it out, use my code!


* This box was given to me for free to review. However all opinions are, as always, my own.


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  1. I've always wanted to try one of these boxes! I never know which products to pick, though; they all look so tasty! x