Thursday, 15 August 2013

Potato Salad..

So, once again I am posting another salad recipe! I know, I know, its not baking. But I really like to cook too and I guess I am just keeping you on your toes!

So a few days ago I made this Delicious salad! I have been trying to make one for ages. But they never tasted perfect. Until now!

I loved going out to cafes and restaurants to eat whee some salad is always served on the side! I loved the variety and I loved the taste. Now I can have it at home!

This recipe is really really easy and only takes a few minutes to prepare. I used cold cooked potatoes, but you can of course boil them specially if you don't have cooked on hand. (just wait for them to cool)


4 Medium Potatoes
2 tbls Mayonnaise
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 tsp White Wine Vinegar
1 tbls Fresh Parsley


1. Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix.

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