Thursday, 1 August 2013

Growing your own...

A few years back I decided it would be interesting to grow a few vegetables. 
So I stuck on my wellies and in cold, raining and frosty February weather, I went out to my plot and began digging. I started off with some onions and potatoes. After a year or two, I was growing pumpkins (or 'pumpkin' to be precise), beetroot, parsnips and peas. I really enjoyed it and I checked it everyday. I loved harvesting my organic, homegrown vegetables. I would be beaming when I used to bring in fresh lettuce and spinach into my family and loved to eat them.

This year, I did not have much time for the gardening. As I was in my final year of school, studies took over and I had to abandon my hobby. However, a few weeks back (after I finished school forever!) I went to see what was happening out there. Behind the foot long grass, moss covered flowerpots and weeds the size of cabbages, I noticed some fruit continued to grow. So I cut back the grass (well, actually my dad did), weeded and cleaned the place up. 

To my delight, I found that there was strawberries growing! A few years back I planted three 99 cent plants in the plot. Now, a few years on, they have expanded and grown and taken over there land! Runners have growing and now there is about 8 or 9 strawberry plants! Of course I am delighted with this! Last week I harvested some and I made my Strawberry Crumble Muffins

Last year I planted raspberries. When August time came, I was a little bit more then excited, to harvest my crop. However, I was disappointed when I collected all TWO of my fruit. Yes, I grew two raspberries! This year was different. The plant produced at least fifty or so berries, much to my delight!

About seven or eight years ago, we purchased an apple tree. It was really unique as it had two main branches. The first branch would produce red apples and the second branch would produce green apples. A few years on and our tree really has grown. It produces buckets of apples (if the birds don't get there first!) and they are tasty for eating or in apple dishes. This was definitely a good investment.

Growing organically home produced food really is worth it! The fruit is fresh and tasty and you know it is all natural. You don't have to worry about pesticides or irradiation. Above all else they are simply delicious. I think they taste extra nice and you can taste all your hard work!

Let me know what you grow in your garden. Anything unusual? Do you dedicate your time to it? 


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