Friday, 5 July 2013

My Top 5 Baking Books...

Today I am going to discuss my top 5 baking books! These are the books I use and love the most! Over the years I have collected a countless number of books. (Honestly, it would take me forever to count them) They have expanded outside the press which once was empty. You can find them in the press, on my bed, on the floor and of course in the kitchen!

Each book is different and each time I want to bake I know where to go. When I know what I want to narrow down the books that contain that recipe and then choose the one I want! The books I possess range from books by well renowned chefs, to small books by charities! Never-the-less, each book is different and unique in its own way and I thoroughly enjoy reading them all. 

The books in today's post are the books which I use frequently. These are the books with flour in the creases and torn pages. However a well loved cook book will never be clean! 

#1 'Bake' by Rachel Allen

This book is by an Irish chef, however she is known around the globe for her books, TV programmes and ranges of products. She is also daughter in law to the owner of Ballymaloe cookery school. Infact, I had the privilege of meeting her while I was there and Its safe to say she is just as lovely as she appears! Anyway, back to the book! This books is brilliant. It contains all the basic recipes, as well as those for special occasions. The book itself is very pretty with pastel coloured printed pages and a blue shiny ribbon the mark a page. 

Some of my favourite recipes form this book include her 'Easter Chocolate Tart', 'Sticky Toffee Pudding' and 'Chocolate Lava Cakes'. In this book, Rachel creates a range of recipes for those who are baking beginners as well as experts!  What I love is that Rachel offers troubleshooting techniques for common problems and wheat or gluten-free recipes. Therefore nobody is left out. Rachel's friendly and expert tuition make this easy-to-use and a best friend to every home baker. 

#2 'Beginners Get SORTED' by the SORTED crew and Ben Ebbrell

This book is the ideal student book. Created by the crew over at this book does not disappoint. These young guys from Youtube have created several books. This being their newest. They have devised a collection of there favourite and well loved recipes from their Youtube channel and poured them into this book. This book is filled with unique fun language and bright illustrations, sure to keep you entertained while you browse through the pages. Their recipes ranges from quesadillas to chunky chocolate brownies and pizza to minty soup. So for those days when you think you cant make anything of the ingredients you have in your fridge, take a look at this book and you'll be sure to create a tasty treat for yourself

#3 'Kids Baking' by Weldon Owen and Chuck Williams

Ok, so no, technically i'm not a 'kid'. However I can justify myself here and say it was bought when I was 13 right?  Although I was a teenager then.. Hmm.. This book is for kids to use. The recipes inside are all easy enough for 10 to 15 years olds to prepare. They are all sweet treats, exactly what kids love to eat. Now, they can make the treats themselves. Whats more satisfying when eating a piece of cake, than to know you made it from scratch! I can say loud and proud that I really love this 'kids' book. Many a time I have made their 'Cookie Cake' and brought it to a friends house. The complements and questions were overwhelming each time, even though it only takes about twenty minutes to bake! This book is perfect for kids to start out baking. It is easy to use and fully illustrated for ease of use. It is definitely one all kids should read.

#4 'Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book' by Mary Berry

This is one of many books by Mary Berry. Mary is a well known baker who creates delectable cakes and treats, and has done for years. In this book, she has created a mixture of basic and complicated recipes for beginners and experts alike to bake. In this book, there are recipes for traybakes, cheesecakes and even wedding cakes. Although this book is not the most modern of books, it is a favourite of mine and will be for a long time to come. Another thing I love about this book is it is so convenient, as alot of cookery books you get today are full of unusual of 'rare' ingredients, which can be hard to get hold of and puts you off the recipe. 

#5 'Cake and Biscuits Recipes' by Mary Ford

This book combines all your favourite recipes into one hard-back. This is another book which may be considered out of date, buts its recipes inside are still mouth-watering. This book is divided into two sections; Cakes and biscuits. Whether your looking for a recipe for shortbread, a cake for that special event' or those biscuits for your child's party, this book contains them all. The recipes are all in an easy to read and follow format, perfect for all who have a love of baking and discovering new recipes. 

I hope you enjoyed my favourite books. Please let me know what yours are! Enjoy :)


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