Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My First Blog :)

Welcome to my blog! I'm not really sure where to start, but I guess an intro wouldn't go astray! 

So, my name is Siobhán and I'm a student in Ireland. I am just 18 years old and have (finally) finished the Leaving cert! (Which I am super happy about!) I am really looking forward to this summer and of course what awaits me in the future. It is both exciting and daunting at the same time!

From a young age I have loved to bake and cook and it really is a strong passion of mine! I have had amazing opportunities to work with well renowned chefs and have even spent a week in Ballymaloe cookery school. Unlike most teenagers, I love to spend hours looking though books looking for new ideas, inspiration and recipes to try out.

I never, in a million years imagined myself creating a blog! In fact, it was only last night when the idea struck me. For years, I have read other blogs about baking and watched several videos and reviews. It it a passion of mine, which I hope I can share with all of you through this blog!

Being honest, this blog is kind of daunting. I have no idea whether I have 1 reader or 100! Never the less I hope to inform and entertain those who do read this :)

This blog will (obviously) be about baking. I am not 100% sure what my posts will be about. I am thinking perhaps reviews of recipes, my own recipes, food stories and of course photos of my own creations. I would love to hear from all of you what ye would like me to post about!

So for now, I will leave you with a few photos which Inspire me and a little taste of what this newly created blog has in store! 



  1. Well done Siobhan! Great that you started one! Join Bloglovin it will help you connect with other blogs in every genre! Follow me on bloglovin and I have a few people you might like! Xo

  2. Thanks Niamh will do, I said I would give it a go :) x