Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to line a cake tin..

Getting the cake tin right is essential to the success to any cake! Many a time I have experienced half a cake falling out of a tin and as a result ruining the appearance. 

Ill admit, these steps are time consuming! However they are really worthwhile if you want the cake to be perfect. Each step must be followed. It is very nice to see the cake easily slip out of the tin and the fresh aroma just fills the room.

Start off with a basic round cake tin. Here, I am using an 8 inch round tin.

Next, using a pastry brush, brush the surface and sides with butter.

Place around a teaspoon of flour in the tin. Then, shake the tin so the flour is easily dispersed around it. Make sure the whole side is coated with the flour.

The next thing you need is parchment paper. Roll it out. Place the tin on the paper. Using a marker or pen, draw around the base of the tin. This will result in the perfect size for the base. 

Cut out the paper and line the base of the tin.

Now you are complete! Not too hard eh? Fill the tin with your batter and bake. When out of the oven, run a knife around the edge. I guarantee you, the cake will slip right out!

Enjoy perfect looking cakes each time! Happy Baking :)


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