Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy Independence Day!

 Happy Independence Day!!!

 I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my American readers a fantastic day! I hope you all enjoy this special day! As you know, I live in Ireland and we do not celebrate this day here, however it seems like a great holiday!

How better to get in the festive mood then to prepare a few snacks that celebrate the holiday! Here are a few simple but crowd-pleasing ideas!

1, Tri-colour strawberries:

These are one of the easiest snacks to prepare for the day. Dip some strawberries into melted white chocolate. Then immerse the fruit in blue sprinkles, holding onto the very top of the fruit so some red can still be seen. Place on some grease-proof paper and leave them to set.

2. Festive cupcakes:

To decorate buns in the festive colours, divide some white roll out icing into three. Add blue food colouring to one batch and red to another. Mix well until combined. Roll out the sets of icing and cut into stars. Arrange on the cupcakes as desired.

3. Multi-coloured cookies:

To create these, make a basic biscuit/cookie mixture. Divide the mix in three and add blue colouring to one bowl and red to another. Mix evenly and them bake as normal.

4. A colourful platter:

This dish is ideal for those hosting an event for friends or family, or even for snacking throughout the day. On a large white plate arrange red fruit (eg, strawberries/raspberries) in lines. Between the lines add white cubes of cheese. Then on one side in a bowl, place blueberries. This arrangement is sure to wow your guests and get people in the festive mood!

I hope you have found these recipes useful! Let me know what ones you tried out and any ideas you created yourself! Again, have a great day!


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